About Us

Who we are

  1. We are a Japan based company which has been in the business of providing quality products, services and solutions in construction since 2011.
  2. We sell and rent heavy machinery, manufacturing parts and attachment. Furthermore, we offer repair and transportation services to clients in Japan.
  3. We have top notch in-house specialists, engineers and support team who give innovative, customized and the best IT and IOT solutions and services to meet the needs of the heavy machine industry in Japan
  4. We import verity high-end internarial branded products and bring it to the doorsteps of our customers. We also provide after market services and help close exclusive deals of companies in Europe and the United States of America.
  5. We have broad network of construction machinery dealers, auctioneers rental companies, and logistic companies and exports hundreds of used construction machinery per year to many countries around the world.

Customer feedback​

We have grown to incorporating every aspect of the construction process to the thriving construction industry in Japan. Our machinery attachments and parts have been sold to every nook and cranny of Japan and we have business dealings with more than 10 countries. We have become the ideal sales company in the construction industry in Japan in such a short time. We have built a strong network with both local and international users, construction machinery dealers, rental companies and logistic companies. We also have the best overseas suppliers and makers.

Where are we now?

Today, we are the sole dealer of major USA and European attachment brands. Understand our brand name, KW Attachment, we manufacture original construction machinery for brands and customers. The rental arm of our business, KSS Rental, started in 2018 and has grown quickly as we now own hundreds of machinery and attachment which we rent out to every corner of Japan. We have an eCommerce website site: Kenki Chanel (www.kenki-ch.jp) and it is ranked in top 5 Parts & Attachment selling web site in Japan. In 2021, we expanded to IT Technology sector as we have an understanding of the many solutions construction machinery industry and IT industry can bring when they work together. We provide IOT and IT solution and services. Beyond this, it has improved our workflow and the safety of the industry.